The Flour Sack

bulk foods at flour sack
to find food items and we also have everyday items. we have bake ware, a kitchen cafe to offer lunch daily, a variety of jams from all over. bumble berry jam, orange orange marmalade, peper jellies, also everyday jams, strawberry, red raspberry, blueberry. ref some variety of pick else. we care the jake and amos brand of pickles, which you can get sweet, you can get relish and just regular dil pick else. a variety of saltsas, peach salsa, pineapple salsa, ango. one of our bigest is our corn salsament we have a mild, a meenld a hot salsa. our biggest selling item at the flour sack is probably our specialty flours. you can buy bread flours, you can buy fine pastry flours. we carry king arthur flours, your high gluten sir lance lot hours, or the artesian with the hearty crust. we have soup mixes, a variety of rice, couscous, and also lots of different grave items as wel, steel cut oats, fla



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