The Eklektik

The Eklektik
welcome back, over the weekend our news director george went to eat at this new restaurant, and has been raving about it ever since. and thought we would just bring it on to the show, we thought we would bring it here, make one of your favorite dishes, the barcelona shrimp, oliva is here from eclectic, are you from mexico city, you moved here over a year ago. >> yes, like 14 months. >> because you got married to this amazing man. there he is. >> there he is. >> there is the mural. >> and there is the mural which you– so what gorge has been talking about, monk the– is your restaurant itself is so incredible. everything is made from recycled, repurposed furniture, decor, it’s all handmade, everything has been done with love and all with your own two hand, right? >> exactly. that’s the way we did it i mean we just took the plate and we redesign it, remod tell and we think that if we did e



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