The Dish: 50 Things To Do In Indiana

Beth Clayton, dining editor for Indianapolis Monthly shares some of the Top 50 things to do related to food.
>>> beth clayton is here. it’s that time, again. she and andi refused to speak to each other. i end up talking to her and i become the winner. it is time for the indianapolis monthly august cover, the 50 things every hoosier must do. you know what? you went with — >> sweet corn. that’s obvious. that’s the obvious, yeah. >> everybody can check that off right away. >> it’s not just eating it, you have to have your favorite sweet corn stand. that’s the key. you have to find one that’s your own. you will not share it with others because it’s the best supplier. >> it kind of goes, like we had mushroom hunters on. if you know where to find them, you do not divulge it. >> absolutely not. >> going hunting for mushrooms is on the list. >> it’s another to check off. >> we have done two food related. is that what indiana is. >> we have maybe ten that are food related. sporting events. places to go



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