The Deen Brothers

Jamie and Bobby Deen discuss their magazine and the Million Meals Project.
a little holiday cheer and i’m not talking about the little snack-sized bites kind of cheer. >> we’re talking about the taste good but feels good kind of cheer, and what better than the southern stylings of the deen brothers. welcome. >> morning. >> all right. let’s get straight to it. what is in front of you today? >> well, we’re doing a lot of good food but we’re doing good work this holiday season. we’re heading up the million meals campaign with barrenger. they will donate a dollar for every sale and it’s important for us to get the message out to help our neighbor. >> let’s get right to the food. i can see that stuff is practically melting in my mouth right here. what do you got here? >> i have to stand here and look at it. my mouth is watering. these are samples from jamie’s and my magazine. i don’t know about you, but i can eat every meatball. those are cranberry meatballs. we are



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