The Country Store

candy shop in eagle river, the country store
turtles, snapers, a number of chocolate items. but fudge is our primary femme — primary item. we won an award at the wisconsin state fair for our chocolate nut fudge, everything the old-fashioned way, copper kettle, wood paddles, temperature, all that type of thing is involved. what i have in here is sugar, brown sugar, three pounds of butter, half cream, and corn syrup. and this is what it comes out to be. we’re ready to pour. now we’re going to pour it onto the table. which is a marble table. it absorbs the heat slowly. keeps it from graining up. sometimes you get grainy fudge, and it either was cooled to fast or too slow, or mixed too early. a number of diferent reasons why. ? ? ? ? >> besides fudge we also have all types of old-fashioned candy. wafers and licorice pipes, boston baked beans and burnt peanuts, just there’s probably about 140, 150 different types of candy. ?? we make o



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