The Couch Potato Diet

We’re cooking with Greg Ladas, author of The Couch Potato Diet in The Rhode Show kitchen.
you so much. we’re going to go to’r the kitchen now, vince and i, we’re coach — couch potatoes andnd we’re making food for just you and i. >> don’t lump me into being a couch copotato with you, my friend. i’m at the gym. .you have to knock thatvekn stuff out. t.we’re talking about couch potato diet. greg ladas, myy friend, we have a lot oflo stuffff here. first of all, tell meel how you got interested in th anded ythou lost 50 pounds just eating this stuff and not really, i’mll assuming, from t he tle, couch potato, that you didn’t do d a lot of exercise. >> exercise is a part of it, but you can definitely reduce your calorie in take by sticking to three core principleres of diet,ie which is tois a extrara fiber to your diet, protein, cut back on saturated fatsra and cholesterol, l, and significantlyni reducnte the sugar intake. >> so give m e an idea of what we have here that mayha go



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