The Cost Of Your Drink

Report and analysis by Ellen Braitman of Bloomberg News (Starting Bell)
— paying more for a drink at your local bar. we take you to the newsroom and their own ellen braitman has the story. > we do need to know about this. lawmakers need to balance the budget. it is one of the major stories we have been talking about. alcohol companies say drinkers will now have to soak up any new taxes that they see. kentucky approved a new 6% tax on all store-bought beer, wine, and spirit. about 18 other states are considering proposals. they’re looking to narrow their deficits. do york state plans to double its beer and wine tax — new york state plans to double its beer and wine tax. oregon will raise its rates. a distiller says they will fight this hard. it says lower demand leaves little room for them to observe any tax hikes. the chief executive of heineken says it will always have higher excise duty directly to consumers. last year, the least we seen in seven years.



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