The “Cooking Mamas” Group

The “Cooking Mamas,” a group of Israeli women who bring their diverse ethnic cooking styles to Milwaukee for a brief visit.
>>> now that’s a lot of matza balls. >> some jewish comfort food is great and easy to eat. some don’t do it better than the cooking mamas and these israeli women are in studio to show us how it does. nice to have you. >> wonderful to be here. thank you for having us. >> introduce us to your friend. >> i am from the israeli center. >> nice to have you. >> i have here who cape together with two other cooking mamas. for 10 days of wonderful food and sharing the love of their culture and all. >> and and the can youture and cuisine, what is the flavor of the cuisines. >> it is immigration country. people came from all around the world. >> and different dishes and tastes and favors and for example she was born in israel and best friends and marilyn was born in singapore but roots will go to iraq. >> so how many cooking mamas are there. >> four. >> in israel? lots of cooking mamas. we are all m



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