The Cooking Couple: Shrimp With Mango Mojo

The Cooking Couple comes back to Connecticut Style to make shrimp woth mango mojo.
equipment, shop like a chef, cook like a pro. >>> our next guests love to cook so much they created their own blog. >> take back your kitchen dot com. see the special effects right there, the cooking couple, elizabeth schreiter and michael frunzi welcome back. >> thanks for having us. >> we love when you are here. >> what are we making today. >> it smells good. a cuban style mojo with shrimp — >> what is an mojo. tell me? we will take a break later and find out, give you the definition. what are the ingredients that we need? >> we started the couscous while you were joking about mojo. it can sit for five minutes. it can cook really quickly, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time, not like an hour in the oven kind of thing. >> lettuce — >> do not touch — >> put the couscous in with water? >> equal parts, cup of water, cup of couscous. >> that is your kind of recipe. >> get the water



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