The Cooking Couple

the cooking couple makes fish tacos and red cabbage cole slaw
the kitchen. >> they have started a blog about it. elizabeth and michael, our cooking couple is back. welcome guys. >> thank you. >> what are we making today? >> today we’re mak tacos, red cabbage slaw to go with them. >> something we can all eat. >> they’re not just tortillas, you understand. >> so, with the slaw, all you do is cut out the core. cut the red cabbage in half. cut out the white core, thinly slicing. >> may i? >> absolutely. >> i don’t want you doing any work. you come on “connecticut style” and put your feet up, you understand. >> then where do we move to? >> we put it into the bowl where the rest of the cbbage is. >> toss it in there. >> ready to go. >> yes. >> we got such a great response after the first time we had you on here, because you are newlyweds, and you have a passion for cooking, and you started a blog. we thought it might be fun to have you come down and cook



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