The Connecticut Sun

The official Connecticut Sun cookie.
all ri ght, the basketballs season well un der way and we’ve been trying to get some women from t he connecticut sun in here to cook with us. >> but the coach said no way, he needs those ladies on the court to practice for their next game, so he se hnt the next best thingh into that’s right. t >> here to show uos how to make the official connalecticut sun cookie, thank you coso much for coming in. >> it’ s a blast.s >> they’ve >>been practicing.. i got a litle dirty. >> absolutely. nothing wrong with that. this is like the cokie that, like, mak,es them grin from ear-to-ear. >> that’s right. >> tell us about this fabulous cookie. >> it is a i chocolate chipte cokie and butter cookie bout we put the connecticut sun logo onl it made from white choccolate. >> that is the secret. >> we want to see you decorate now. >> we can do that. we can also talk about sombe other stuff over here, like ho



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