The City Wants Your Opinion!

The City Wants Your Opinion!
>> meaghan: the city of amarillo’s environmental health department is hosting a series of meetings about a proposal to implement and enhaines wastewater pretreatment programs. the health director is in with more. that sounds fancy and confusing. what does it all mean so you can boil it down for us, right? >> yeah. so i think we have some meetings, and you’re going to get location about the time for your audience. the biggest thing is this is exciting for me. i’ve been in amarillo two and a half years, and we need to update our ordinances around safety. as you see in the press release, it’s been comprehensive. >> meaghan: almost 20 years. >> yeah, in the state of texas, they just recently updated their rules. it’s a cascading effect. the thing i’m really excited and i think will turn people out i hope because we’re very interested in what they say is about food trucks. >> meaghan: two wor



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