The Chocolate Fest 2010

The annual ChocolateFest in Burlington takes place Memorial Day weekend. There will be entertainment on four stages, carnival rides, fireworks and yes lots of chocolate. It all kicks off May 28th. Watch the Morning Blend to win tickets.nnChocolateFest 2010
>>> okay. have you ever heard of 12-step chocoholic program? never be 12 steps away from chocolate. >> it won’t be a problem this weekend in burlington. karen byrd is with burlington chocolate fest and mike is from deep with berries. >> will you whip something up. >> yes. >> and thetar ingredient is chocolate. >> that’s correct. >> i like that. >> let’s talk real quick before we get to cooking about chocolatefest. >> it takes 800 or more people to volunteer, get it together and put it on. >> yes. >> it ismazing. >> and i was just reading haas year the operations committee paid out more than $168,000 to civic groups, charities and nonprofit. >> yes. >> from ticket sales and things you collect as part of the festival. >> yes. >> that’s wonderful and this theme is wizard of oz. >> yes. >> it is about the creation this year. that would be wizard of oz theme >> and follow the chocolate chip r



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