The Chocolate Cookie Heard Around The Internet

David Leite shows Desiree and Sonia how to make what some people are claiming the best chocolate chip cookie in the world.
has written for publications lik martha stewart living, “new york times.” columnist david leite is here to sre one of his favorite recipes with us. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> portuguese for you. >> how many languages do you speak? >> or at least to attempt to. >> you refer to this cookie as the chocolate chip cookie heard around the internet. explain that. >> when this came out, july 9th, hottest day last year of july. it takes 72 hours to make. you have to rest it. 72 hours later, bloggers, web people, columnists, everybody was writing about it, having tried it and saying it was absolutely the best cookie they have ever had. gluten free versions, whole wheat versions of this. >> what makes this so special >> one is the fact that the dough rests for 72 hours. >> start to finish? >> three days. >> three days, wow. >> but it only takes about ten minutes, eight minute



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