The Captain’s Galley

The Captain’s Galley Restaurant and Tiki Bar.
dinner or a place to go for drinks aifkter work, captain’s galley is theh place to be. welcome ladies. >> thank you. ha >> great to have you. >> gre at to be here. >> now, listen, i’ve been to your restaurant, ri love your restaurant. au it is a fam ily-run business. s >> yes. >> a.nd it has been in theee familym for years into well over ao decade. >>de and this i sh your niece. and you will walk us twihrough what we ‘re waking. >> we’re making a sixty tourou signature dish. >> and family recipe. >> yes. king crab legs and fresh flobster meat, bay scalops,lps choped clams, shrimp animus sells, as well — and mussels, as wel. >> and you have huge portions. one of my husband’s favorites is this. >> the captain’s cut prime rib. >> it is a massive prime rib. why do youwh serve such huge portions. >> we’ve always been known for the huge portions and people love it. with the economy today peop



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