The Capital Grille / Naples

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>>> the capital grille owns and operate the 40 restaurant all across america, one in naples at the mercado and the atmosphere is relaxed, elegant, service personalized and steaks dry and aged and the wine list, i’m telling you, award winning. peter lopez managing partyer from capital grille. >> glad to be here. >> and jeremy houston executive chef. you are here to do grilling to dry-paged steaks. >> this is part of our master wine tasting event. this is great with some of our wines. what we do here, we dry age on premise all of our meat. we hand sculpt it. we don’t cut it. >> what is the difference in regular old cutting or slicing on hand asking? >> it has a beautiful shape here. what you get when you ask it is a beautiful steak on the plate. this we rubbed in herb oil, kosher salt and black pepper. we will grill this. this will be finished with a salsa verde a herb puree, basil, fresh



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