The Cape Coral Italian-American Club

The Cape Coral Italian American Festival is a celebration of Italian Food and Culture for the whole family to enjoy.nJanuary 22-23nGerman American Social Clubn2101 Pine Island Rd.nCape Coraln239-542-6515nAdults: $6nChildren under 12: Free
Talk about a morae. You will love nothing more than celebration of italian fod and culture for the entire family. That is the cape coral italian-american festival. Rita and pam are here. They have the secret spaghetti sauce cooking. The pizza pie is in the oven and hot dogs for kids.nnWe do.nnWhere can you get the ticket tickets.nn4725 lens boulevard.nnThe festival is german club on pine island road.nnCorrect.nnGreat location. What time does the fun start?nnSaturday we open at 11:00 through 10:00 p.m. Sunday it is 12:00 to 7:0 p.m.nnIt will an great time. Hi this last year but i hear this year it is going to make last year, it — last year is going to look like tiny little piece of cheese that fel off the pizza compared to what this year will be.nnThat is correct.nnYou are working with the food?nnI’m working al over the grounds.nnGo ahead.nnI’m the president so i have to be everywhere.nn



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