The Cancer Project

Foods that could help reduce your risk of cancer
second most common cause of death in the u.s.but what if i told ati you that what you eat, and how you live on a day to day basis also plays a huge role in how you can beathe disease and prevent it all entogether… today we have jane sirignano with “the cancer project,” and she’s sharing e’two recipes with us today that are atbound to make a difference in your iflife! jane..thanks for being here.. —y ou shared with us earlier what “the cancer project” is all about, but is it true that th there are foods out there that can help you battle and perhaps prevent cancer? —education is power–what has “the cancer proj ect” found recently with cancer research?—i know that research suggest that people who follow a vegetarian diet and eat fruits and veggies…and leave out an..imal products have a lower risk of r getting cancer is that true? —lets get starte–d…was lk us through the ing



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