The Buzz: No More Happy Meals?

Are the toys in your child’s Happy Meal making him fat?nnThe Center for Science in the Public Interest says they are. The Washington-based consumer advocacy group threatened to file a lawsuit against McDonald’s Tuesday, charging that the fast food chain “unfairly and deceptively” markets the toys to children.
>> welcome back to “the rhode show.” owthis morning in “the b muzz,” nga nutrition watchdog group wants to sue mcdonald’s if it continues tos use toys to promote the happy meals to target kids, a practice it calls predatory and wrong. the group gavegr mcdonald’s 30 days to stop the toys. after that, it’s planning i to sue, because while some have meals that offer healthier choices, a combination of cheeseti burger, fries and chocolate milk, adds up to oh, just 700 calories. take a look. >> it’s wrong, it hurts kids, and there’s no qued stion about it. >> i only buy the toys, because i cook at home, so i see no reason to waste my money on something thatat does get themoe fat. >> in response to the threatat of a lawsuit, the company isn’t bulging and the company says we are proud of their happy meal which gives thehe customer wholesome food and toys of a the high etchers quality andty safe



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