The Bridal Show

Ladies get ready for your day! Work it off then eat the cake!
bridal show comes in and welcome to that necessary and carol and mike will introduce?รง us to another in a moment and this is a big weekends. let’s start with you, michelle. what can brides expect? >> brides can expect to come in and expect anything that relates to brides. >> you have everything that the bride will need. >> we do. we have anything from the cake, the dress, cake toppers to the health and wellness. >> and elvis impersonators? right? >> we don’t have that. >> but i was going to say the variety of everything that you might want based on the kind of wedding that you are planning. >> absolutely. and that is where you come in with the cake, right? >> yes. what are brides looking for in 2010? >> i think that brides want an individual cake. a lot of brides are going for dessert buffets like cake tops or cupcakes. >> can i take one of these out? >> yes. >> and we take these and di



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