The Branford Festival

Charlotte Mattei and Michael Ball joined Connecticut Style to talk about The Branford Festival.
friend often the green for a fry trueyru a true celebration. and included in that is the food alley. this is our thing, we have some breakfasting breakfast something-somethingnme going on. what are we making? >> french toast and pancakes. >> you k now the way to a woman’s heart. i’m loving this. the branford festival isnf a big event. tell us what to expect. pe>> it is our 23rd year, starts friday the 19th. 5:00 we start with food, kid’s activities, activitying throughout the green. >> walk folks through what they will need to make this meals. >> it is pretty simple. i will make the pancake batter first. put that in and that in and inn this case up. >> how much? >> the whole thing. >> work with me here. >> put that in there. >> this is a little egg. >> egg andg milk. >> it looks like cinnamon, no? >> that should do it. whatever is in the package here. that is ab out it. >> sho uld it bei



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