The Blue Ridge BBQ Festival

Barbeque lovers are filling up in Tryon, North Carolina.
barbeque lovers are filling up on some of the best stuff around.. good afternoon… i’m holly headrick. headrick. and… i’m larry blunt. news 13 is on the road at the 15th annual blue ridge barbeque festival in tryon.. that means tammy watford and russ bowen are right there in the middle of it all. all. have you two had a chance to do some pigging out? we sure have.. and with so much to choose from it’s so hard to decide what to try.. competitive bbq cookers have been making the trip here to tryon every summer for 15 years now.. and of those cookers.. 4 teams are being recognized for showing up all 15 years. years. news 13’s terrie foster talked with two of them today.. keeps them donnie weddington – oink, cackle, and moobill ruff – the a team two more teams that have also two more teams teambill ruff – the a moooink, cackle, and weddington – donnie weddington – oink, cackle, and moobil



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