The Big Game Teriyaki Chicken Sub

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for something new to make. we have the perfect dish. >> yeah. > the big game, teriyaki chicken sub. >> let’s get going. >> yeah. >> half a cup of soy sauce. >> and 8 ounces of grape juice. really adds a nice blend. >> yeah. put in some garlic. >> how about some grated ginger? >> brown sugar. >> a little sesame oil, about a teaspoon. >> nice. >> and toasted sesame seeds, the marinade is done. >> we have four beautiful boneless skinless chicken breasts. >> oh, nice. >> for the chicken you like, we like the breasts, they cook up fast and easy to slice. > the marinade in the back. be kind enough to seal that. marinade it three hours in the refrigerator, no more. >> and then heat up the barbecue grill, oven, 350 degrees for the oven. put the chicken in until it hits 165, 170. > and then slice the chicken for the sandwich. >> great. now for the sauce, folks, we have one cup of mayonnaise. >> t



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