The Big E: Inside The RI Building

The Big E in West Springfield, MA is the most popular Fall fair, and while you may be headed there to enjoy the animals, shopping and the rides… don’t forget to enjoy the culture of New England.. including of course, Rhode Island.
Most popular fall fair and while you may have be headed there to enjoy the animals, shoppmaing and the rides, don’t forget toor enjoy the culture of new england, including, ofud course, rhode island. Take a look. A.nnOn the big e’s avenue of states, each new england state has an entire building full of bragging rights, from thero inside out, it’s all local. Rhodee island’s building itself is a replica of the old state house and inside, rhodens r island’s food, fun and culture is well represented. From the capital city and federal hill favorites, to the ocean state shores andn everything in betweeern.nnWe.nnGet a lotot of rhode islanders coming through.nnEven “the rhodeho show” Is on display. Fair goers from other states get a taste of the flavorass and events that we pride p ourselves on, including the roger williams park zoo and jack-o-lantern spectacular.nnPeople like to stoop, learnop



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