The Best Wurst?

$100 hotdog is infused with cognac
kinds of folks eat cognac hot dogs? drunk folks. tipsy folks. folks who go get sloshed. rich folks. wealthy folks. even folks who like pork posh. love hot dogs. cognac hot dogs. the dogs folks love to bite. my apologies to the writer of the armor hot dogs jingle there, but i felt a song was necessary for this best wurst. .. the dragon dog. cooked up in vancouver at the dougiedog restaurant, it’s more than just a hefty bratwurst. it’s a footlong brat topped with beer-fed kobe beef, olive and truffle oil, fresh lobster and a picante sauce. but, it’s not what’s on top that truly separates this dog from the rest of the pack. it’s what’s inside. it’s infused with droplets of hundred year old louis xiii cognac… a brandy worth more than two thousand dollars a bottle. requiring 12 hours notice for preparation and costing a hundred bucks a piece… dougiedog’s owner calls it the most expensive



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