The Best Wines To Pair With Your Thanksgiving Meal

Tanji Patton, GoodTasteWithTanji.com
>> welcome back to “san antonio living,” and now that you have spent your $25 at wal-mart on your thanksgiving dinner, now you have a little bit extra to spend on some wine, and you want something that you know is going to be good, but maybe this is new to you. >> and it’s family and friends, and you hold a special place in my heart, you here at “san antonio living”, you all do, and so i brought my grandmother’s china, and the little cordials were my husband’s mothers and so these go back many, many years and at thanksgiving it’s fun to bring some of the gren rationa generational things out and if you don’t have any, start your own. >> and that way the kids remember what thanksgiving is all about. okay, so now i have a question, i cook occur ci, a turkey, and i never know is it a white or a red wine thing. >> traditionally it’s white, but you have so much going on on the table, cranberri



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