The Best Pizza In Lexington – The Original Brooklyn Pizza

Lyssa and Katie checkout The Original Brooklyn Pizza as a part of our Best Pizza in Lexington contest!
welcome back to midday kentucky c1 3 back to mid-day competitor wednesday the third day of the best people in lexington … that’s where we get the for local people and people found fantastic really will look at what makes the original brooklyn. the great take a look c1 3 your sausage that you put on there, right? that’s sausage. john wheeler: it’s very different. especially for this part of the country. most people don’t use the sliced italian sausage. they use little chunks of italian sausage. lisa: yeah, yeah. john wheeler: we use the sliced italian sausage more, if any. lisa: okay. cool. john wheeler: a little fresh garlic. lisa: everything’s fresh and ready to go. no frozen, huh? john wheeler: no, no frozen. lisa: all right. john wheeler: the last thing we do here is some fresh … this is fresh roquefort cheese. lisa: okay. john wheeler: blue cheese. lisa: oh, that’s interesting. j



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