The Beef Babe’s Breakfast Pizza

The Beef Babe shares her recipe for Beef Breakfast Pizza Ole!
>> the beef babe is back, this morning we’re cooking up some breakfast, good morning. >> happy holidays. >> good morning. >> happy holidays to you. we’re cooking up something a little mexican flare, is that what it is? >> actually breakfast. a wonderful job of taking beef and making it like a sausage flavor. really excited about it. it tastes awesome. this is perfect for christmas morning. because you can go ahead cook up the beef ahead of time like i have, put it all together, open gifts, boom, you have breakfast. >> what gives this the sausage flavor, the spices? >> yes. we have fresh sage and dry rub sage. some red crushed pepper, some salt, onion powder, garlic powder, all right in here. >> you make great pizza are they worth a thousand dollars? >> that’s the question out there. january 7th, 2011, i need eight recipes to create the perfect pizza. new york pizza challenge, we’re putti



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