The Bamboo Club

The Bamboo Club is an upscale, casual Asian bistro located at the south entrance of Park Place Mall. It featuring cuisine from the Pacific Rim, seafood, more than 40 wines, a full bar, signature cocktails and craft and imported beers.
>>> well, with wine on wednesdays, live music every friday night and one of the freshest and most creative asians menus in town. the bamboo asian diner shows you what to expect. >> here to tell us a delicious appetizer you’d never expect is paul of the bamboo club. welcome. >> morning. >> bam beclub asian bistro, what is it all about? >> we’re a locally owned and operated asian bistro, for the last year or so, we took over ownership, we offer a contemporary menu with some very interesting things not to mention, of course, the python. >> lots of options but tell us a little more specifically about that menu, though, what are your most popular items? >> a couple most popular are listed, our chicken is without a doubt one of our favorites. >> classic. >> classic. our crispy spinach is a big hit. >> what are we going to be making today? >> pitons. >> what’s in a piton. >> it’s python filet.



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