The Backporch In Old Saybrook

Learn about some of the signature drinks at the Backporch in Old Saybrook.
pits, a great atmosphere the back porch in old saybrook is the perfect setting for fun as the summer roll to an end. they have great food but they’re also known for their signature drinks. welcome. >> thank you. >> you are a ton of fun, even hours before happy hour, i have to say. >> we are. >> tell us about these drinks. what makes people keep coming back for more? >> besides the drinks, the charming and good-looking bartender is a big attraction. >> i see you left the ego at home, nice. >> it is all about him. >> aparently. >> we have a wonderful wine list. we have from russian river with the french terrain, very delicious, strawberries, chocolate martinis. we will do a saint germane cocktail for. >> you have hapy hour specials you were telling bus monday through friday, but live music is a big draw. >> it is always dance bands and i’m the first one up on the dance floor anthe whole cr



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