The Back Porch

Pepper Crusted Tuna from The Back Porch in Old Saybrook.
the back porch is gorgeous. joing us today its owner maggiegg galaghger and chef jen gordon. welcome to the shomow, grsheat to have. >> thank you. >> you brought a wonderful dish for us today. >> we did. >> what are you making? >> pepper crusted tuna. >> this is popularp at your place, right? >> yes. e we have a lot of seafood, it is not just fried food, it is an upscal eup menu. we call it love food. >> we love love food. let’s get the loving started. we you say this can be made in less than five minutes. >> yes. >> we will put it to the test. what are some ingredients you brought today? >> we havee the mixed baby grben and onion and carot and scallions. so if you could just mix all these dry ingredients ins here, a little bit of sesame seeds for me. >> putting me to work already. >> she puts me to work. . >> start with the tomatoes? >> dump them al inl there. >> half. >> we will deha l



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