Thayer Street Popularity

Search for a Star finalist Mariah Sparks visits Thayer Street to find out why Rhode Islanders love this East Side gem.
were given the task of highlighting something very special about rhode island. there was so much too choose from, so i hit the streets to find out what you liked. so here’s my first andan hopefully not last assignment on one thing i think is special about thisis great city. take a look. >> hey guys. it’s mariah sparks from rhode island now beingla i’mng not from rhode island, i look for the place that people go to shop, heat an spend their time and i’m’m starting my searchar at providence place, so come along with me for the ride. >> you have to c yome to see our street when you’re inet providence. that’s a must-see. >> downtown. >> the east side, again, that’s my favorite spot ife providence.id >> who would haveld known those two words would be popular, fair street, so iso headed over there to find out why. >> rhode island issl for everybody, and thayer str teet is no exception. >> loca



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