Thanksgiving Safety

Helpful tips to prevent food borne illnesses this Thanksgiving.
as you get ready to start cooking your holiday feast… food safety should be on the top of your to-do list. the centers for disease control estimates, more than 76-million people get sick from food- borne illnesses every year—5-thousand of them die. but +preventing an unhealthy feast–can be done in 4 simple steps. abc27’s patty santos talks with a “food safety expert” to show you how. 16:37 patty: and as you’re getting ready for this thanksgiving dinner we want to introduce you to shelly swenson with the wakulla county extensions office. who’ )s going to show us how to prepare a thanksgiving meal without getting your guests sick. right. right. shelly: im really going to focus on 4 techniques that i thinkeveryone wants to keep in mind, one of them is cooking one of them is seperating, chilling and the other cleaning. nat: a little water and vinegar, dispossable towels and clean hands-



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