Thanksgiving Recipes: Sweet Potato Casserole

One of our viewer’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes: Sweet Potato Casserole.
deborah and letter mom, ruth. they were kind enough to send in their favorite recipe. deborah, you said this is so far your favorite and your mom passed it along to you. what is it? >> it’s mom’s sweet potato casserole and it is so good. we look forward to it every year for thanksgiverring. >> now, while you match, i want to talk to you where did you get this recipe? it has come from somewhere. >> a friend gave it to me many years ago but it started out as a carrot casserole. and then i switched the carrots to sweet potatoes. >> that is what i like about recipes. you add your own carrots. >> so let’s get cooking. what do we do? >> okay. i’m going to. i have taken two pounds of sweet potatoes and we have peeled them, cut them up and boiled them and drained them and now i have mashed them. this is something that everybody in your family can have fun. we want to have fun with one of these.



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