Thanksgiving Food

WTHI News 10
main focus of food this week. thanksgiving preparations are in full swing with the holiday on thursday. news 10’s dan klein reports some good news for shoppers this year… the cost o meal has gone “down” since last year. just days d before thanksgiving, the store is is bustli shop pers. pe br ian and stephanie alexander are picking out turk ey as they prepare to host family for theor first time. t “when we put the menu together we edefinitely trimmed itme down.. if we have more sides we need a turkey that big. so yeah we did dtake costs into consideration. ” others like kathryer n say the chance to bring family together means she’s not worried about the bill. “i getth what i need because it’s thanksgiving. i’m not going to sc rimp. he re at ba esler’s, i haveav a baesler’ses coupon, so i’m going to get the turkey i want.” .”good news for ew all shoppers.op the nationwide average for a r



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