Thanksgiving Favorites: Dutch Apple Cake

Another viewer’s favorite recipe for Thanksgiving: Dutch Apple Cake
>>> welcome back to “good morning, maryland.” past couple days we have gotten you covered on the holiday menu. we have had the stuffing and the sweet potatoe casserole and now to dessert. who better to bring in than one of our viewers from overly. katherine has come in with a dutch apple or jewish apple cake recipe. now before we get in to all of these wonderful ingredients, i want to show the viewers this. this is the original recipe card. i see the stains. how old is this card? >> probably about 40 years old i would think. >> how long you and your husband been married. >> 40 years. >> 40 years. 40 years of wonderful. congratulationses. >> i have to give credit to my mother’s old neighbor who gave us the original recipe. >> right here. >> uh-huh. >> what do we have and what do we have to look forward to. >> you start out with the apples placing them up and add to the about five tablespo



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