Thanksgiving Eve At The Grocery Store

Folks make the last minute rush to the grocery store on the night before Thanksgiving.
pizza is supreme. >> and the grocery store is another spot always hopping the night before a big holiday. we found last minute shoppers rushing to cross off their list but still taking time to be thankful. >> reporter: here at stop shop and save, it is the day before turkey day and are they ready? >> we have your turkeys, hams, candied jamyams. >> we are ready to serve. we have been all year. >> reporter: for every turkey sold its being replaced. what is this upside down turkey thing? >> i think i’m going to cook it upside down because when the juices run back down it make it nice and juicy. i’m going to flip it. >> reporter: hurry up. best get it while we can. the pace must be quick. wait a minute, let’s slow down and think about what the holiday should be all about. >> extremely thankful. i have just come back from the far east and i have seen so many people in poverty and hurt after s



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