Thanksgiving Dinner On The Cheap

Which is cheaper: making Thanksgiving meals from scratch or getting prepackaged meal helpers? Ted Mascarenas, manager at Smith’s, takes Deanna shopping.
alright it’s thanksgiving and that means the big turkey dinner. so is it cheaper to make it from scratch or get the pre-packaged stuff? joining us now is ted with smiths. so ted let’s state with stuffing for a family of four. well for a family of four you’ll need two boxes. they’re on sale this week for a dollar a box so ok now let’s look at cranberries..ted what are we looking at here if we get it in the can? probably gonna need two cans. there a dollar a piece so another 2 dollars yummy it’s time for desert. a ten inch pumpkin pie that is pre-made, so what if you are gonna make it you’re self. i am no good with a pie crust, so that’ll be frozen. of course you can’t have thanksgiving with the turkey. ted what’s going on with turkeys this year? right now if you buy 25 dollars you’re gonna get that turkey for 29 cents a pound, saving about 25 dollars per turkey. so how much are we getting



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