Thankful For A Meal

Nearly 900 people are served a Thanksgiving meal at the Poverello House.
house for thanksgiving lunch today. for some… it was their first holiday meal… there. cbs47’s rachel azevedo is live with more. rachel? [a25]poverello house-plasma the poverello house fed close to qqqqniqneq hqunqdrqedq pqeoqplqe qtoqdaqy.q. qthqeyqq q qqenqjoqyeqd qa qwaqrmq, qbrqigqhtqlyqq q qqdeqcoqraqteqd qdiqniqngq rqooqm.q. qanqd qq q qqplqenqtyqq q qqofq tqhaqnkqsgqivqinqg qfoqodq. qq q qq:q13q :q57q rqaqqueql qciqsnqerqosq, qheqrqq q qqhuqsband, and their two baby boys – ages one and a half and three months – eat a hot thanksgiving meal at the poverello house.. it’s their first holiday spent here.. raquel cisneros because of the cris and the way the economy has effected everybody. it’s effected us so this is where we are her husband is a construction woer.. but has been out of work for months.. they lost their house back in the spring.. raquel says if it weren’t for the three



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