Thali Too

Vegetarian Indian cuisine from Thali Too in New Haven.
thali too offers vegetarian indian cuisinesi and it is rated e the best indian restaurant in connecticut. thank you for being here. >> thank you for h aving us, it is a pleasure. >> you got really niece honors for both of your restaurants. >> there is a lot going on. i’m on top of my o curry, i feel like. i will retirei tomorrow. >> you brought really interesting stuff to maktoe. tell us about what we’re making. i >> today waye’re keeping everything vegetarian. >> because thali too is all vegetarian. >> and today what we have is one h of theoffastest-growing drinwik in america, the ba rs heare all over the place in new york, california. >> this is a mango lassie. what is in here. >> home made yogurt, a little bit ofof sugar and mango pulp. >> any alcohol in this. >> no alcohol. >> in that case, here.e >> at thali too we have a lot of flavors with this. this is mango, we have passion frui



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