Thai Shrimp Nachos

We’re in the kitchen cooking Thai Shrimp Nachos in the kitchen with Chef Susan Zinno-Slagle from Spark Restaurant Catering and Newport Restaurant Week.
nick, i n think we could put something together. et stay tuned. lily, you’re cooking with spark.ki >> befor i have get to that, we have to mention t that sue susan was just wondering when we instituted casual thursday, because ben, not so much a fan of your shirt. >> no, i said who picked out ben’s fabulous shirt today. >> in any case, let’s go over the ingredien ts, because our producer had this already and it is delicious. run through the ingredients. >> it’s thai shrimp nachos, we have a thai red curry paste, fresh chopped ginger, garlic, scallions, reds, peppers, gluten-free, you can have it with popadon. >> what is that? >> a lentil waiver. ve >> what is this like a bean?e >> a lentil. it’s made outit of lentil flour and they’red super, super tasty. t we serve them in the recipe with won tons, butut if you have a gluten allergy, we can serveer with that. >> that’s the ways we’re goi



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