Thai Curry Sea Scallops, Coconut Shrimp

Jack Corey from Tropi Grille in Jamestown cooks Thai curry sea scallops and coconut shrimp. Visit FOXProvidence.com for the recipes.
head over to theto kitchen right now. patrick. >> this is jack corey fromor tropi t grille, which, h is in jamestown and you descri bed it. be where is it? >> hasha night’ss restaurant before the toll booth if thyou’rell coming from providence ande it’s a tropical restaurant, it’s intentionally not new england,w we don’tn’ have clam chowder, we have conk chowder and it had hoi’m making some coconut c shrimp. >> it is in jamestown. >> it is in jamestown and we’ll we make s omema conut shrimp today, it’s one of our house specialties, and sea scallops, we have kind of some flavors from florida, from f cuba. >> so a little bit abnormal for around here. not li ke the t traditionalal seafood joints . >> we always s ay you can gett chowder and clam cakes anywhere in rhode island, but yo,u’re not going to get this food t unless you dr ive to key west.es >> it’s a lot l easier to drive to jamesto



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