Thai Coconut Pot O Mussels

We’re cooking Thai Coconut Pot-O-Mussels with Garlic Toast in the kitchen with Chef Ashirwad Elhence from Blaze East Side.
over to theto kitchen with patrick? >> : you can come hang out inut the kitchen hanging out with me. this iss chef ash, we have mussels, garlic bread, all part tof the southern new england women’s expo, you’re going to be part of that rtthis weekend. >> yes, the, restaurants r is going to be pardon of that. >> we’ll t alk about that later. let’s talk about theta ingredients. what is it, thai coconut pot of mussels. el >> exactly. we haval few spices and ingredients that are freedom nantz on the dish — predominant on the dish. d curry powder, conut mist, a blend of three different chili peppers, fish sauce, which is very authentic, with thai foods, chili sauce, which is something very similar to our hot sauce, but made from thai ingredients, fresh minced ginger, garlic, cilantro, that finishes the dish and thisan is pretty much thai i ingredients. >> a little a kick to this dish this mor



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