Texas Tumble Chicken And Potato Salad

Texas Tumble Chicken and Potato Salad
>> andy: welcome into the kitchen, everybody. we’re putting the focus on the lone star state courtesy of our friends at united supermarket. brenda duby is here, world-renowned dietitian but with some great recipes. we’ll start with a texas state policele with a little potato salad. so this weekend, market street will celebrate best of texas. and our produce team dawes great job to make sure all things local, so these potatoes are grun right here in texas. but what do you do with potatoes except make potato salad in the summer. >> andy: so what all ingredients do we have? >> this is actually yogurt based. mayonnaise-based. >> i already took care of it. so this is sigge’s yogurt. this is an icelandic yogurt. and it’s really neat. the guy sigge started it. he came from iceland. and when he went to eat yogurt, it was too sweet for him, so he made his own. what a way to be an american entrepr



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