Texas Pride Served Up With A Smile

A Valley staple grillin’ up tasty vittles for 20 plus years is still going Texas strong with home-style comfort food and friendly service.
>> it’s probably that too. >>> well, let’s get things started. i have to talk a little bit about a really cool place that i li because of my roots in texas. they’re still going texas strong with home-style comfort food and friendly service. we take a gander, if you will, at texaz grill. take a look. >> a lot of our customers are displaced texans who come in and feel at home. we have been in the neighborhood for 25 years. our fipple philosophy from the beginning was to serve a good product at a reasonable price, some place they can have fun. we treat everyone here like a guest in our home. obviously people appreciate it or we wouldn’t still be here 25 years later. the first dish is our chicken fried steak. it’s our signature here. everything is breaded and battered and cooked to order. the mashed potatoes are real, with the skin on. our gravy is made here. we have a chicken kabob which is



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