Texas Grilling For Labor Day

Texas Grilling for Labor Day
>> andy: yesterday when i looked on the schedule, i always get excited and eat a light lunch when i know you’re coming inch we’re talking about getting ready for labor day. >> don’t we love labor day? one more time to cook out. >> andy: one more time to fatten up. >> you never know what amarillo weather will bring you, but you hope you can grill out. so let’s grill some ribs. >> so you have some of the best ribs in town. >> thank you. >> andy: i absolutely love them. every time you bring them new york i fall apart. >> andy: fall apart. fall off the bone is our technical term. it’s actually a three-day process for us. i’m going to show you a couple tips where you can be it at home. it won’t be the same exact process, but i’ll get you really close. start with a baby-style rack of loin. generally is season, whatever kind of dry seasoning you want the use, we have our own you can get online



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