Texas Cuisine

Texas cuisine
decade ago, chef jon bonnell was a teacher, and from there he went to culinary school. then he opened a restaurant, and ultimately writing a book. fine texas cuisine. he’s here to show usa great summer dinner that is the meat, some serious meat. >> we’re going to do a steak dinner. nobody ever said let’s celebrate with chicken. >> this is the way to do it. >> now our vegetable today this, is fun. a little cactus. >> cactus? never had cactus. >> this is prickly pear cactus, grows wild all over texas. don’t start grabbing these with your pocket knife. when you buy them, they’re the tender green leaves that have most of the needles removed. >> where do you get something like that? >> any of the mexican markets. >> good to know. >> take ana knife and clean each of the needles off and go right around the edge, cut a little halo, get all the little prickly stuff off. >> almost like a pancake.



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