Terraza Garden Patio And Lounge At Hacienda Del Sol

The Grill, Hacienda Del Sol’s celebrated dining venue, has captured Wine Spectator’s “Best of” Award of Excellence for over a decade and was recently bestowed the Award of Ultimate Distinction from Wine Enthusiast-the only restaurant in Arizona to receive this award. It features an extensive and eclectic wine list of over 2,000 labels and 25,000 bottles.
>>> there’s a hot new place in town to see and be seen and they’ve got cool drinks for warmv%0?@,ú ñk summer nights. >> it opens this sunday and already creating quite]c??i+ob:$9? stir. >> here to stir up some drinks they’ll be serving there is mixologist matt. >> welcome to the show. >> you’re a mixologist, what4?có2dñfsdhu! is the difference between a mixologist and aunr: bartender. >> the biggest thing is [4mç being really serious about your drinks. a bartender is going through the motions, obviously zagñ ” making drinks for the people but a mixologist takes it serious lay as far as qualities of preparation so they’re very serious about the proportion of the drink, they’re looking for a delicate balance and they’rea@lh#aç using the highest quality shp &cú spirits and products. so they just take it a little bit more seriously.f6í? >> speaking of the high-quality ingredient



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