Tenderloin Brochette

We’re cooking We’re cooking Tenderloin Brochette with Flemings’s in the kitchen.
to. it’s going to be a dousie. we’re having a dousie in the kitchen right now where we’re making fillet mignon. >> remember that lady from wendy’s, where’s the beef? chef mike is here and edward is with us, nice to see you again. >> very well. >> what are we cooking up? >> as you stated so well, we’re bringing beef back. we have a new menu going in next month, so we’re going to be doing our marinaded tenderloin bruchette. we have a lot of things going on. we’ll give you a little sample. >> is this part of the price fixed menu. >> we have a new prefixed menu. one of the items is marinaded tenderloin, mushrooms, brazed shallots, can’t beat the price, three courses, it’s a great deal, one of the best in the city, we’re proud of it and think it’s going to knock everyone’s socks off. >> mike, what are we cooking today? >> the tenderloin bruchette. >> that’s what we’re cooking and we have saus



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