Tempura Shrimp

We’re cooking Tempura Shrimp in the kitchen with Executive Chef Robert Pirnie from Twist on Angell.
a m. >> i don’t think you can win. >> let’s head over to the kitchen r ight now with lily. >> hold that thought, because they’re toss to go —- tossing to us right now, we’re cooking this morning with the guys from twist. introduce yourself. >> i’m chef robert pirnie. >> you brought a lot of stuff. >> what is this? >> this is going to be featuredea onon our new menu out august 31. >> it’s coming soon. >> this is a broccoli rob in b sausage with white bean andbe puree, so that piece is going to be on our new menu. that looks wild. it’s going to be awesome. this right here h is our twisted edge sally kidd aladerm, tabasco blue cheese, fried prosciutto and this is our international cheese board, smoked mozzarella, goat cheese, parmesan reggiano, we have a lot of stuff going on. >> i love all kinds of cheese. >> cheese is great. >> we do enjoy it. >> and i think i see at least one intern in



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